Nantin Hotel Ioannina

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Nantin Hotel is built in the beautiful city of Ioannina, a historical and picturesque city, famous for the impressive Pamvotida Lake. In Nantin Hotel we are in position to satisfy every requirement of those who wish to admire not only the sights but also the natural wealth of the city.

Our hotel is located in the center of Ioannina and its position can serve both the visitor who comes in Ioannina for business purposes and those who want to have a great stay in Ioannina. We are looking forward to welcoming you in our beautiful city!

Nantin Hotel

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The tasteful decoration and the warm colors make our hotel the perfect choice for every visitor of Ioannina.

Facilities & Amenities

Nantin hotel is equipped with all the essential services which every visitor needs to relax.


One of our hotel's advantages is its central location, as it is close to city center and the wonderful Lake of Ioannina.

COCO-MAT sleep system

At Nantin Hotel, all rooms are equipped with COCO-MAT® beds, mattresses and fabrics all made exclusively with 100% organic natural materials, specially designed to offer a quality and restful sleep.

Nantin Hotel Ioannina

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Elegant design with beautiful rooms.

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Nantin Hotel Ioannina

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Nantin Hotel Ioannina


Beds and mattreses made with 100% natural materials.

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The Story of Nantin

Her name was Konstantia, but her loved ones called her Nantin.

Nantin was a charismatic and always smiling woman, but above all hospitable.

She always made sure that her guests would feel at home.

All those years, her family tries to transmit this philosophy to the Nantin Hotel.

The name Nantin is correlated with smile, warmth and hospitality.

Our goal for every guest of the hotel is to feel our guest and combine our space with beautiful moments.


Our hotel was certified with the “Greek Breakfast” certification for the unique breakfast of choice and taste, based mainly on the Greek culinary tradition and products of the Greek land.