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Ioannina city, located at an altitude of 480m and with a population of almost 120.000 residents, is the largest cultural, spiritual and commercial center of north-western Greece. It is located in the heart of region Epirus and is 455km away from Athens and 260km from Thessaloniki.

A city of great historical importance gives the opportunity to every visitor to admire a plethora of great see-sights, such as the Cave of Perama, Vrellis' Museum, Archeological Museum, Byzantine Museum, the Castle of Ali Pasa and the Oracle of Dodona, the ancientest oracle in Greece.

Moreover, the Islet of Kira Frosini is one more landmark of the city. It is not only one of the few inhabitable islands in lake worldwide, but also of great historical value, as there is Ali Pasa's house, whose presence is perceptible until today in every part of the Castle of Ioannina, especially in the acropolis. There is located Ali Pasa's grave and serai, where is the current Byzantine Museum.

In Ioannina, the city of Arts and Letters, traditional workshops of silversmiths and goldsmiths operate until today. Furthermore the University of Ioannina is one of the best universities in Greece. The successful combination of past and present, of traditional and modern, of physical and artificial beauty makes Ioannina a unique destination for every visitor of the city.


City of a long history and tradition has many and more historical monuments and museums and its natural beauty is compared with paradise by the supporters of ecotourism.

The historical Castle of Ioannina, the Islet of Kira Frosini, the Cave of Perama, Vrellis' Museum and the Ancient Theater of Dodona are some of many sightseeing of Ioannina, while the famous Zagorochoria provide a unique chance of relaxation and an escape in the nature!

Sights worth to visit: